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Wednesday Review: Old Man Logan

Old Man Logan is my far my most favorite graphic novel I have ever read! The artwork is astounding, the story is creative, the action is intense, the characters are dynamic, and it's overall just a fast, fun, fantastic read! :)

This story takes place in California fifty years in the future. Wolverine, going only by Logan now, lives with his wife and children on a hog farm renting from the notorious Hulk gang, who own California. Why do the Hulks own California? Well, because the bad guys won, and the good guys lost. We don't know exactly what happened fifty years ago, but we do know that the U.S.A is now divided between the Kingpin, the Hulks, Dr. Doom, and.... the president.

We find Logan as an old man who hasn't popped his claws since the heroes fell. He wants peace to raise his family. What happens? Hawkeye drags Logan into a deal that will take him across America and give him enough money to be able to pay the Hulks the rent that's overdue.

And thus begins the carnage ....

I'm a HUGE Wolverine fan, so when this book was recommended to me by my local comic book store, I had to pick it up! And I wasn't disappointed. The artwork is astounding. Every page is a masterpiece. The action jumps out of the page. This book is obviously meant for a quick, fun, violent read about Logan taking on the bad guys in ways we haven't ever seen. 

And when I say violent, I mean violent! Here we see guts flying, blood pumping, heads cartwheeling, chomping, bones snapping, teeth popping, slicing, dicing, slashing, smashing, explosions, ripping, tearing, and alot more -- all in Steve McNiven's realistic, graphic depictions. 

The ending was awesome, definitely implying some future installment to the series, which I would snatch up in an instant :) Logan mentioned something about taking on the world, which is pretty much what Logan does best! So, for what Miller wrote it for, this is a great read for any Wolverine fan. I highly recommend it. 

If you can get a hold of a copy of  "Old Man Logan", please do and enjoy it for what it is. The book is in its 5th reprint, so good luck finding it!