Aqua Soleil Hotel & Mineral Water Spa | REVIEW

 Aqua Soleil Hotel & Mineral Water Spa. 
My rating: 3 1/2 Stars out of 5.

After driving down Palm Drive, the first thing you'll see is Aqua Soleil Hotel ...seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Upon walking into the lobby, you'll notice that it is nicely decorated and clean. No one was at the front desk so my boyfriend and I stood around for nearly 5 minutes before an employee finally greeted us and checked us in. We weren't told that our check-in time was at 4pm (it was 1pm when we arrived), but the front desk employee prompted the cleaning crew to our room so we could check in. 

Upon walking into our room on the third floor half an hour later, I was flabbergasted at how small our room was. It was nicely decorated with a queen size bed and 2 nightstands... with an additional chair next to the bed. Our room also consisted of a microwave, mini fridge and a bathroom. The shower was standing and barely wide enough to fit two people, and also had a dirty rag left behind on top of the curtain. EWW! On the plus side, a bottle of champagne was waiting for us on the table upon arrival. 

The room was nicely painted, our table was scuffed up a bit, and we weren't able to hear the neighbors (except when they slammed their doors shut when entering or leaving). The best thing about the hotel was the 24-hr hot tubs and heated pool. The hotel had run out of towels and we were told to wait 30 mins before getting any. 45 minutes later, we decided to use the towels from our room instead. I saw signs around the hotel that it is a smoke-free environment, but we ran into a couple of people that were just smoking away freely - esp next to a woman breastfeeding her baby. On the plus side, all the water in the city of Desert Hot Springs comes from the natural hot mineral water aquifers from the region, so it feels wonderful to just sit back and relax.

The Jade Massage that was included in our Groupon deal was.... horrible. I could easily walk into a Brookstone store and have a better chair massage. The 30-minute massage was just an electronic table massage that dug into your tailbone as you were forced to listened to rainforest music along with the construction going on next door! I'm glad the hotel has free wifi as I watched videos on Youtube during my 30 minute torture. I also didn't like how we were forced to clean the bed after use. It only consisted of changing the pillow case and blanket but who knows if the people before us changed it. Oh, we weren't able to use our massage deal until the last day because it was in use everytime we asked if it was available. A sign-up sheet would've been convenient so some people would have a chance to use it.

There isn't much to do in the area; everything is approximately 20 minutes away to downtown Palm Springs, casinos and shopping districts. Overall, the place is slightly run down. You can tell it used to be a motel that they are still currently upgrading to a "hotel". The pictures on their website are much better than the actual place. My boyfriend and I were able to enjoy our time there since a mini vacation was dreadfully needed. It was a nice getaway from Orange County, but we will probably not return to this "motel". It is worth visiting, but not the best.